People of the Past

Dey Mansion

Newly restored Dey Mansion with reactment actors on the pathway to the front door.

Hamilton House

The front of the Hamilton House with a big tree in the front.

Lambert Castle

The front of Lambert Castle with a stone wall in front of it.

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park


Ringwood Manor

The front of Ringwood Manor with two trees in front of it.

Van Duyne House Museum

The front of the Van Duyne House with two wreaths on the doors. There is a wooden fence in front on

Van Riper - Hopper House Museum

A side view of the Van Riper Hopper House with a tree in front of it and leaves on the ground.

Wallisch Homestead

The Wallisch Homestead with a windmill in front of it and trees in the background.

West Milford Museum

The font of the the West Milford Museum with trees in the background.