All kinds of adventures await you in Passaic County! A wide range of activities and events are available throughout the year for friends and family to enjoy together. Age is not factor when it comes to having fun in Passaic County, as there is always something to do whether alone, with that special someone or with a group of friends.

See all Passaic County offers and discover your next adventure here in the vast and varied environs of Passaic County, where we have it all!


A group of birdwatchers some with binoculars with trees in the background.


A photo taken from inside of a canoe in a river with two kayakers ahead with the river surrounded by


An orchestra performance at the Shea Center for Performing Arts.

Farm Visits

Farmers stand with vegetables for sale.


Fishing signs on a tree with two men in the background standing in a boat fishing.


A body of water at the Monksville Reservoir surrounded by trees.

Horseback Riding

Woman riding horse.


Boy jumping into lake.

Unexpected Adventures

Picture of fork in the road.